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Cantiin is an open source project.
License is MIT license.
This is the link to the github project: cantiin_django (Opens in a new tab)
Which means that it is so free to use, sell, resell, edit, for personal and commercial usage, without taking the permission of the producer (me), the only restriction is that there is no warranty.
Cantiin is an E-Commerce website.
People post their products and other people can add it to their cart, and they specify the amount to add this product into the cart.


Thank you for asking :)
Peace be upon you!
My name is Omar Magdy, I am a web developer from Egypt.
You can find me on Github, Linkedin and Facebook.


To prove that i am a web developer.
I am a job seeker.
And there is nothing that can help me more than proving my skills in an infinite project that I keep woking on and upgrading forever, or until I get a job.
This is my live CV.
If God willed. I am might keep learning and keep working on this project (I am busy learning new skills now).
There are too many topics to study, like Kubernetes and DevOps.
And there is much more to add to this project, like product images, user data, handling cart .. ect.


Used Technologies:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Bootstrap
  5. JSON
  6. Jinja


  1. Python
  2. SQLite Database
  3. Django
  4. Django REST Framework (DRF)
  5. Djoser (Authentication)
  6. django_filter (For Search)
  7. pytest
  8. unittest

Other Technologies:

  1. Git
  2. Github
  3. CircleCI